New Beginnings

Sept 11th  2007:  New Beginnings  The moon is new.  I am on a plane returning from an amazing trip to S Africa, where I felt moved by the potency and newness of spring: of possibility, energy and life.  I am feeling alive with the newess in my life ahead, which truly embodies the unknown.  I feel like I am going through a period of synthesis and integration which is providing me with new insights, possibilities and directions in my life. 

Today I honor and welcome new transitions from a 19 year-astrological cycle that is in the midst of beginning anew.  I became aware of this new cycle while at the Tao Garden in August, where I had a transit reading because I was feeling the energy of big shifts and was curious to get some astrological insights.   On the deepest level, this cycle feels like it is about returning to my original nature, remembering who am am and opening to what is deep inside myself and being guided by this wisdom.  It is about valuing and loving myself, trusting in my inner-spaciousness and abundant resources to live a deeply fulfilling life.   

In varying degrees, the past 19 years have been marked by soul-searching, trying to figure out who I am, why I am here, what I value and the overall direction in my life.  I feel the newness of the cycle is encouraging me to pause and remember that the greatest wisdom and authentic answers will be found within myself.  I feel encouraged to trust and value my inner knowing and open more fully to myself, to newness and change with patience, gentleness and trust.   

In the past few weeks, I have drawn the “Patience” and “Blank” Angel Cards over and over again.  These are the angels that I am calling on to guide me into this new phase.  The Angel of Patience reminds me to create an inner atmosphere of gentleness, where I trust in the rhythms of my unfoldment, transformation and maturity.  Patience reminds me to trust timing.  It reminds me that everything is unfolding as it is meant to, and is guided by innate intelligence and love.  I’ve drawn the blank angel card six times in the past three weeks and I’ve been puzzled by it, not knowing what it means to me.  I am just opening to her wisdom and guidance, so that my understanding of her will grow over time.  Today when I was reflecting on her, she reminded me of my true nature: imminently vast, possessing everything I may need, holding all aspects of life in luminous wakeful presence.  She is always present and offering limitless support.  

A few days ago, I played the Transformation Game.  My intention for the game was to explore the next steps in creating a life that honors my inner-most values.   At the end of the game, I drew two angels to offer me guidance on my journey forward.  Strangely enough, they were both blank…this felt very auspicious.   The game brought me many useful insights and guidance in exploring the next steps in opening to a life that honors what is deeply important to me.  One insight I received that feels supportive of this new cycle was: “You nourish the new, affirm the highest and behold the best in life while giving constant thanks.”  I will use this as an affirmation, to express my willingness and commitment to newness, my highest self and my appreciation and gratitude for this amazing gift of life. In the transit reading I received while at the Tao Garden in August, this new cycle was explained as having four basic elements, which I’ve taken some time to explore for myself through insights from the Transformation Game and self-reflection.  The elements are self expression, creativity, my position in the world and romance.  I’m intentionally planting these seeds of exploration as I enter this new cycle.  I intend to hold them in an inquiry to see how my understanding of each unfolds with time.  

Self Expression à Getting in touch with and exploring my power.  Learning how to move from feeling into self expression and action.  Honoring myself and my choices about what I want and don’t want in my outward expression to the world.  Learning how to accept my power with confidence as an important element of my individuality, choice and expression. 

Creativity  à Believing in my ability to create a reality that is truly meaningful to my inner-most values.  Using my imagination and creativity to envision innovative solutions, where problems and situations are seen as stepping stones to me shaping new possibilities and realities that are not bound by convention, “shoulds” or feelings of limitation.

Position in the world  à Finding peace, enjoyment and fulfillment in life.  Applying the sum total of my resources, gifts and talents to create the reality deep inside myself.  Experiencing life as enjoyable and fulfilling. 

  • Live with a sense of the preciousness of life
  • Believe in my self worth  and what I have to offer the world 
  • Bring enthusiasm, enjoyment and acceptance into the present moment

Romance  Re-envisioning romance and love in a way that more fully honors my heart.  I see this first beginning with self-love, reminding myself and learning to value, see and appreciate my own instrinsic self worth.  I want to break my pattern of having a closed and protected heart where I guard myself and not allow others see me fully.

  • Be patient and gentle with myself, knowing that opening takes time
  • Choose loving relationships where I am appreciated and valued
  • Allow myself to be more fully seen.  An insight I received from the transformation game: “the more I share myself, the more there is to love” 

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