Week 1: Our Biological Selves & A Glimpse into our biological future

Do we really understand our biological selves?

I don’t think there can be “true understanding” of our biological selves.  I do however think there can be a lot of understanding and that what we understand about ourselves and biology can be very empowering.   I also believe that when there’s a solid understanding of different and often conflicting theories, evidence, studies, etc. that is combined with one’s direct experience, there can be profound understanding.


The reading “Boys like blue, girls like pink – it’s in our genes” pointed to the idea that our cultural understanding and context, flavors and influences “what we know.”   I feel like this is one of the reasons that knowing is never absolute.   As the observer, when we learn and investigate, we cannot separate ourselves from what we are observing.  Even our own experience and understanding, is surely shaped by our beliefs, knowledge, and opinions.  Our understanding is shaped by our specific cultural and circumstantial lens.  Even though I am pointing to the inevitable bias that we have in our own understanding of ourselves, I still believe self awareness and knowing is extremely valuable and powerful.    


I feel it’s important to have a sense of understanding our biological selves so we can ask ourselves what we need and what is really true for us.  When we as beings feel we understand ourselves, there is a natural settling that happens and we feel empowered, like we can direct our lives and choices in a meaningful way.  When we have a sense of understanding, our experience becomes more and more true, for better or worse because we are using our minds to reinforce our beliefs.  This has tremendous healing capabilities, when used for healing.  When we believe we are doing something healing, it has an amplified ability to aid the healing process.


I also think there can be a lot of understanding, learning and synthesis from various East / West approaches which Morgyn  did a really effective job presenting.  I find the blending and self-synthesis of various approaches to be an effective way to understand the complexity of things and open questions of what might be true. The energetic orientation of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine has a complimentary layer to Western anatomy, for example.

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