Week 2: Evo-Devo and Evolution of development

It’s interesting: Evo-Devo, as I understand it, fits into my life view.  As an evolutionary theory, evo-devo is the study of how genes work and is a synthesis of findings from molecular and evolutionary biology that considers the diversity of organismal form in an evolutionary context.  Evo-devo tells us that evolution works with a finite number of packets of information or master contol genes, but just arranges them in new combinations.  Nothing is ever fundamentally “new” but rather, there are an indefinite number of combinations and configurations which creates new life.  This is my experience of the world and how life is connected.


So the question of “How did we get here then?”

I think that all life forms arise from what I will call “Life’s Essense” and what Evolutionary science calls “Master Control Genes” and that life forms are born out of this in their unique configuration giving every being and life form it’s own flavor, spirit, personality, attributes, asthetic quality, etc.


And the question “Where will our own evolution take us?”

From an evo-devo perspective, I think it’s unrealistic for us to know the various combinations that genes will take and what the outcome of that will be if we actually let evolution play out without trying to control and dominate it.


I also have to comment on the influence of teenagers in science.  Evo-Devo started with two high school students in the mid 1930’s.  It is awesome that their work was recognized for its value.  I love that.  I also appreciated the historical overview of Evolution in “How did we get here.”

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