Week 2: Origins in Life

The Q & A section in “Is evolutionary origin-of-life research truly objective?” strikes me as odd.   In one of the articles, the author spends time citing a number of origin of life theories including “RNA World”, Clay theory, Bacteria first theory, etc and then states, “What becomes obvious is that evolutionists are really exercising their imaginations rather than engaging in real research as they come up with their origin-of-life theories.”  The research is slammed for not being objective and also being overly simplistic.  

This comment seems very obscure coming from someone who is advocating creation.  I’m just not sure why both sides of the table cannot come to the discussion honestly, accepting that the Origin of Life is full of mystery, no matter what your believe.  It involves people exercising their imaginations and I don’t think it can be conclusively proven via real research.    I feel like this is an area that should not require a neat and tidy scientific understanding.  Creation required an awesome intelligence and complexity, so matter how it happened.  I just don’t understand why we are so uncomfortable as a culture, with Mystery and mysteries in life.

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