Week 4: Our drug oriented culture

Is there a drug for just about everything?

It seems to me that a good part of our culture is headed in this direction. And there may already be a drug for just about anything. While this seems to be the direction that has critical mass or the most momentum, I also think there’s localized pockets that are turning to our innate healing capacities and curious about our abilities to self heal and regulate our organism through diet, exercise, mind/body therapies, living in more harmonious and balanced ways. Extrapolating from Heidi’s comment about how addictive behaviors are from a TCM perspective caused by a lack of nourishment, I think this is a cultural phenomenon on physical, emotional and spiritual levels and that this sense of emptiness and inability to get or feel nourished leads to a very impovershed state where we feel desparate for anything to “fix” the situation.

I feel this lack of nourishment underlies much of the patterns around using drugs of any type. Culturally, I don’t feel that we truly feel nourished on many levels, which leads us to feeling helpless, and without a ground…essentially, homeless. This is all evidence of a weakened and out of balance Earth element. When our Earth element weakended, we are fundamentally out of balance, and we cannot trust our own abilities to heal and to return to a state of balance. We don’t feel a sense of inner support. We compulsively look outside ourselves for a false ground, something to fix us, ease our pain, take away this condition or that. Instead of looking at the imbalance and feeling like we have the resources, insights and capacities needed to help ourselves, we rely on anything that will “fix it.”

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