Week 6: Alchemy

Alchemy is a interconnected web of science, art and magic. Alchemy is the redemption of spirit from matter. From a neidan perspective, it is the transformation and transmutation of self and recognizing one’s True Nature. Alchemy is the domain of the unknown, where anything is possible. It involves seeing, experiencing and understanding the mystery of life and its unfolding. In this way, it *is* very magical. It is artistic as it requires a dance between creativity, stillness, embodiment, and change. From a psychospirtual perspactive, it envisions an embodied spirituality where one artfully actualizes inner potentials, which leads to transformation and re-discovering one’s Self. Alchemy is high-science in the way it views life as a living system of interconnected relationships. It forges a deep connection with and harmony with nature and natural processes in the way it holds a picture of the interconnection of the Macrocosm and Microcosm.

I love this quote from a Healing Tao site: “To view Nature’s qi field as a deep language that one speaks with one’s entire being is very liberating and fun. Nature comes alive, you bathe in its intelligence and love each moment…..the qi field of the present moment is alive and continually re-shaping or re-expressing itself as our body-mind process, it’s easier to keep our perceptions fresh and transform habitual ego patterns or disease states.”

This quote pulls together the web of the science-art-magic view of alchemy, where neuroscientists are proving that our thoughts create reality; as humans, are artfully experiencing the qi field of the present moment, every time we come back to experiencing the here-and-now; and how magical and exhillarating the world feels when we have the courage to live in the moment …

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