Week 8: What is a Mole?

This was difficult for me to digest.  I felt like I got it in class, but now re-visiting it, I clearly do not understand.  In class we learned that a mole is Avagadro’s number of anything  (Now, I’m not sure what that means).  It addresses how to compare’s the behavior of different gases when you don’t really know how much of any gas you have in your sample.

The reading was a bit theoretical and historical and did not conceptually clarify anything for me.  I’ve tried to summarize my take away:


Avogadro showed that for gases, identical volumes of any gas at a standard identical temperature and pressure will contain the equal number of molecules. Then you weigh the identical volumes for several different gases and find that the weight of the gas in the volume varies so that the weight of the volume of gas is proportional to the sum of the atomic weights of the atoms that make up the molecules of the gas. Then you have a volume of gas that has a molecular weight of the gas expressed in grams. A Gram Molecular Weight of any substance contains Avogadro’s number of molecules.

I can’t remember how to do the calculation based on my notes in class.  I’d like to do another review of this in class if possible…

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