Week 9: Balancing Equations

I really enjoyed the “Chembalancer” link and find this to be a great way to practice balancing equations. It was fun! I really liked how the tool had a functional description of what the equation actually represents, and the practical tidbits at the end of each question – those were all very interesting and presenting information that made the process of balancing equations more practical. I didn’t get a lot of the equations correct on the first try, but the tool was engaging and I enjoyed working with it until I got the correct answer. My biggest issue was that I did not express the question in lowest terms.

I really enjoyed the “Balancing Equations” Tutorial as well. It was a more interactive than the “Chembalancer”, which was very effective at helping me in the process of learning how to balance equations. I think both of the sites used together are great tools for learning how to balance equations. If I wanted to become prolific, I’d spend time here.


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