Cancer Risk and Hygiene

Child cancer risk higher in richer rural families?

In this article, the wealthy populations studied had contact with fewer people, more land, lived in bigger houses, and most likely had a more “hygienic” household….they basically were exposed to fewer germs and bacteria and had less of a chance of coming across a particular virus…I really think that protecting children from coming in touch with bacteria prevents their immune system from developing.  Children need exposure to bacteria, germs and viruses to stimulate their immune systems.  I do think there can be a “chain reaction, where with little exposure to bacteria as a child, the immune system is not as well developed and cannot ward off infections later in childhood which makes children more vulnerable to cancer…


I really appreciated and agreed with Cely’s comment about the potential linkage between isolation and lack of connection could also contribute to the higher risk in richer rural families because I think connection is very important

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