Cancer Risk

Child cancer risk higher in richer rural families?

The idea of isolation leading to less-developed immune systems deeply resonates with me but in an even broader way than what was explained in the article.  I think the more isolated, and the less connection and love a person receives, the less developed their immune system will be, and the more prone to physical, psychological and spiritual issues.  I appreciated Cely’s comment in class about this and feel this “bigger picture” view on the problems associated with lack of connection is really necessary for us as chinese medicine practioners to have in mind.  I definitely see myself talking with clients who are having health and psychological issues about the importance of connection, love and support in life and asking them questions about how they feel about their relationships, support system, etc.


As discussed in the article, on a purely physical level, if a person is more isolated, living in big & clean houses and big plots of land, and has minimal contact with fewer people, there’s less of a chance of coming across a particular virus.  I do think that protecting children from coming in touch with bacteria prevents their immune system from developing.  I think that children do need exposure to bacteria, germs and viruses to stimulate their immune systems. 

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