Living Diversity & Cell Biology

Cell Biology:  Animal, Bacteria, Plant and Virus Cell structures

I really loved the Virtual Cell link with the vivid visual and hover-over description of the elements of the cell.  In an ideal situation, there would be a link to more information in addition to the summary offered because it is very general and basic info.  That said, I really appreciated the combination of visual representation with contextual information.


In looking at the variety of cell types:  the cellular structures of plants and animals are strikingly similar.  The cellular structure of bacteria is markedly simpler and the cellular structure of viruses looks very robotic and mechanical (not “alive”).


In the Intro to Cell and Virus structure, I enjoyed learning about the origin of a word I use a lot with clients when I give them yogic stretches for upper back tension ….I had no idea “tensegrity” was not a specific yogic-alignment  term.  It turns out, “tensegrity” (a contraction of “tensional integrity”), is a concept and word originally coined by Buckminster Fullerhe and word refers to structures that are mechanically stable because stresses are distributed and balanced throughout the entire structure, not because the individual components have great strength.  I love this term and use it all the time but enjoyed hearing its origin…

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