Tailor-Made Stem Cell Therapy for Diseases

“We plan to bring out innovative tailor-made cells for diseases”

My first thought is that developing tailor-made cures for diseases is a marketing strategy that is very reflective of the culture we live in, where people do not want to look at their health holistically, but rather get obsessed on whatever particular symptom or disease that is impacting them.  I think this approach really feeds on people’s obsession with disease and our failure to see it in the larger context of living a balanced and healthy life.  I also think the concept is short-sighted in its potential impact on the whole system.  While tailor-made cells may be available for Parkinson’s or Motor Neuron Disease, what other effects will it have? 


I do think the idea of regenerative medicine has it’s place and offers promise to people who haven’t had many options, but my hope is that it can be used in more of a holistic context when possible.

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