Memory & Cognition

Would you agree that “to live is to know“?

What we know is a function of how we have lived and are living our lives.   Our lifestyle, habits and choices create our reality and what we know.  Conversely, what we know creates how we live.  These are inextricably linked and feed each other.  When we look objectively at our lives, we can see how they mirror our values, belief systems and conscious/sub-conscious realities.  We also can remind ourselves that our life choices reflect and construct what we know, which is why they are important. 

Memory and magic – how might you view things differently now?

The parallel between magic and memory for me is that we create what we see in ourselves.   The power of “active imagination” and self-suggestion is really strong for in both memory and magic.  We believe what we deeply believe to be true.  I think our memory will be stronger when we create new experiences and infuse our experience with intention.  We also infuse “magic” with truth when we believe that it’s actually happening.

One thought on “Memory & Cognition

  1. pilarfaemorgyn says:

    …”we infuse magic with truth when we believe that it’s actually happening.”

    This is true for magic tricks in a theatre, yes? …and then there’s magick – in the sense of manifestation, which is definitely belief invested to the point of truth.

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