Why Weekly Castor Oil packs?

Castor Oil packs are a wonderful at-home, bio-hack and way to relax that offers a number of surprising benefits.

A weekly or bi-weekly Castor Oil Pack applied to the abdomen helps to :

  • de-stress, relax, increase parasympathetic response
  • reduce inflammation
  • increase circulation of blood and lymph
  • detoxify the liver
  • decrease pain
  • improve digestion
  • reduce uterine fibroids
  • reduce ovarian cysts
  • reduce headaches and migraines
  • improve constipation and other intestinal disorders
  • improve gallbladder and liver conditions
  • improve immune response

Doctor Mercola explains that castor oil packs improve your immune system by improving function of your thymus gland which produces lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are your immune system’s disease fighting cells stored mainly in your lymphatic tissue (thymus gland, spleen and lymph nodes). By increasing lymphocytes, toxins are removed at a faster rate from your body which promotes overall healing.

How to Do a Castor Oil Pack


  1. Organic Castor Oil in a glass bottle (I recommend the Heritage brand which you can buy from my FullScript dispensary)
  2. Organic Flannel


  1. Liberally apply castor oil to the double thick piece of flannel.
  2. Place the flannel on your abdomen, making sure it covers your liver on the right side of your abdomen and rib cage.
  3. To prevent leakage and dripping, place a clean, old dish towel or pillow case on top of the flannel to hold it in place place. 
  4. For optimal results, place a hot water bottle or wheat bag on top of the castor pack which aids in the liver’s and lymphatic system’s uptake of the oil through the skin. 
  5. Begin with 15 minute sessions since the treatment can trigger significant elimination. Build up to 30-45 minutes a few times per week.
  6. Treat the session as a laying down meditation session. Get comfortable by putting a bolster under your knees. Put an eye mask on. Consider listening to a guided meditation, binaural beats, or a self-hypnosis audio. I love the Aura app.
  7. At the end of the session, remove the pack and wipe off the remaining oil with the T-shirt or an old towel. If your abdomen feels too sticky (with my experience most of the oil was absorbed into my body or onto the old T-shirt), take a shower and wash off with a natural soap without added chemicals, dyes or fragrances.


What is the best castor oil to use?
I recommend the Heritage brand, which can be purchased at my FullScript dispensary. It comes in a brown glass bottle to prevent it from going rancid, is organic, 100% cold-pressed, and hexane free. Avoid buying castor oil in a plastic bottle because plastics easily attach to fats which can get into your liver.

What is the best flannel to use?
I love the organic cotton flannel from the Heritage Store. Organic wool works equally well. The key is to buy organic, without any dyes, chemicals and that is unbleached.

What are some side potential effects of castor oil packs?
Castor oil can cause skin irritation and redness, which is thought to be due to toxins leaving the system.

What’s the best way to store a castor oil pack?
Store in a glass tupperware or ceramic dish. Avoid storing in plastic which would contaminate the pack. Ideally store in a dry, dark location.

How many times can I use the cotton flannel?
If properly stored, you can reuse the flannel for about 6-9 months depending on how much you use it. When the flannel starts to discolor or have an unpleasant smell, then replace it.

Do I wash the flannel after each use?
No. Do not wash anything saturated with castor oil. You won’t be able to get the castor oil out of the flannel, so it’s a messy waste of time to try and wash it. As long as the flannel has been used on clean skin, then using it over and over is fine. Castor oil is extremely sticky and can leave a film in the washing machine that is difficult to get rid of. It is also can be flammable if put in the dryer. 

When is a castor oil pack not recommended? 
Castor oil packs are not recommended when pregnant or breastfeeding because you do not want to detoxify during these times. They are also contraindicated if there is internal bleeding or with digestive issues such as IBS, Colitis, or diarrhea. You never want to use castor oil packs on open wounds. Also, do not apply heat if dealing with an inflammation, such as appendicitis, pancreatitis, or anything else that leaves your skin feeling hotSome people also consider a copper IUD a contraindication because it can release excess copper into the system which can cause toxicity and even dislodge the IUD.