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profile1I am deeply committed to support myself and others in living a healthy, peaceful, balanced and meaningful life.   I am committed to my own awakening and the awakening of all Beings and this commitment guides my healing work.  The purpose of my work is to nurture and guide clients into a deeply restful presence that opens the body’s natural healing abilities and replenishes the entire being, giving people more access to their deeper Essence.  My sessions with clients naturally unfold and are customized  based on your needs.  Sessions are a dance of the Divine, where the mystery of what one deeply needs is revealed as we work together.

For as long as I can remember, I have felt an inner calling as a healer and spiritual practitioner.  In my early 20’s, I had many positive personal experiences with acupuncture and herbal healing, which inspired me to study Taoism, nutrition and bodywork.  I have been practicing bodywork since 2006 and have been heavily influenced by Vajrayāna Buddhism, Taoist mind-body practices and 5 Elements Theory.  I specialize in creating custom sessions to meet a client’s unique needs.  I offer massage, yoga and meditation instruction to my clients.  I practice a range of massage modalities:  and specialize in Esalen, Deep Bodywork, and a unique modality called Chi Nei Tsang, that focuses on the  abdominal core of the body, and enlivens one’s inner resources, tonifies the organs, stimulates one’s natural detoxification process and eases back tension.

I enjoy swimming in the ocean, cooking, dancing, DIY spa treatments, and paddle boarding.   I love mystical poetry and always seem to be reading a couple books at a time.  I am a spiritual practitioner and enjoy a range of mind-body practices from different traditions, mostly Buddhist, Taoist and Yogic.  Jennifer Welwood has been my spiritual teacher since 2005.

My email is taowithin@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. pilarfaemorgyn says:

    I enjoyed reading your bio. We have many things in common! I work as a project manager also, and am very interested in hearing more about your 5 Elements and Chi Nei Tsang practice. I study with Michael Winn of Healing Tao who trained under Mantak Chia. I would like to get a Chi Nei Tsang treatment and am interested in using it as a healing tool to facilitate emotional release work. My personal long-term practice goals are to focus on releasing unprocessed emotions stored in the body-mind matrix in order to facilitate healing – using qigong, cleansing protocols (dietary, energetic, herbal) and acupuncture.

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