man massage

Customized Massage Sessions In-Studio: $145/60 minutes ~ $215/90 minutes

~ Out-calls add $50 per session ~

We use the highest-quality,  organic products, and locally sourced whenever possible:  combining organic coconut, macadamia nut and kukui nut oils into a decadent and luscious massage oil.  We also customize essential oil blends.

Esalen® ~Long, slow, nurturing, fluid and expansive strokes creating a feeling of wholeness and three-dimensionality.  Wonderful for relaxation, integration and calming the nervous system.  Also improves circulation and promotes healing.  Invites a sense of “letting-go”

DeepBodywork®~ Deep, slow, therapeutic work grounded in a solid understanding on anatomy and focused on specific soft tissue issues that need special care and attention.  Good for people with a very active lifestyle, chronic conditions and preventative care.

Chi Nei Tsang ~ Abdominal Organ massage with a 5 Elements focus.  Good for digestive issues, detoxification, tonification of the organs, increased energy and lymph flow, low back pain, opening the breath, emotional processing and addressing fascial constrictions originating in the abdominal cavity.

Table Thai ~ Passive stretches, joint mobilization, rocking, compressions to improve range of motion and flexibility.

Holistic Wellness Services

Meditation, Somatic and Mind/Body Practices ~  Yin Yoga, Meditation, QiGong, Active and Passive stretches. ($75/hour)

Sauna Series ~ Series of 3 sauna sessions in our state-of-art Sunlighten Sauna.  Choose between Detox, Weight Loss, Anti-aging, Pain Relief or Relaxation program ($75/series of 3, 30-min sessions or $125 for 2 people.  Single Sauna Session for $40/per person or $60/2 people)

Relaxation Hot Tub  ~ Relax in a private, 6-person cedar hot tub heated to 100 degrees  ($40 per person for 45 minutes or $60 for 2 people)

Relaxation Package ~ A 4-hour relaxation experience including hot tub, sauna, ice bath, 2 hour massage, and a bottle of CALM CBD $425

Ozone Series ~ Series of 10 self -administered ear, rectal or vaginal insufflation treatments ($300)

Custom Detox Program ~ Custom plans including Diet, Lifestyle, Ozone, Far-Mid-Near IR sauna treatments

Healing Diet Plans and meal preparation ~ Autoimmune Diet, GAPs Diet, Paleo

Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching ~ coaching programs to meet your health, well-being, weight, stress goals

Special Events

Come to our 2-acre Mango Farm for a special event that we can curate and co-create with you.  We host farm-to-table dinners, wellness parties (sauna, hot tub, yoga), tea parties featuring locally sourced indulgences, fire-side gatherings and more …

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