Week 5: The Chemistry of Color and Nutrition

As part of our theme of “The Chemistry of Color and Nutrition,” I wanted to pass along some Chinese Medicine/Nutrition books that might interest the class:
“The Five Elements Wellness Plan” by Barbara Temelie
She has a 5-elements approach to nutrition and discusses how a traditional Chinese diet is oriented towards one’s own body.
“Healing with Whole Foods” by Paul Pitchford
An awesome book that has a lot of information on the chinese theraputics of food.  For example, who knew Millet is considered the “Queen of Grains?”  It is an alkaline grain, antifungal, strengthens the kidneys, benefits the spleen-pancreas, builds yin fulids and is high in amino acids.
“Staying Healthy with the Seasons” by Elson Haas
This has nutrition woven into each seasonal section
ACTCM offers Taoist nutrition and cooking classes to the public every term in SF and there’s also a number of Chinese Medicine dietetic programs that look very cool – Nam Singh offers a 6 month course in SF (I have not taken it)….
Non-TCM but very interesting:
“Digestive Welness” by Elizabeth Lipski
This is not from a chinese medicine perspective but digestion is paramont in chinese medicine, so this might interest some
“The Diet Cure” by Julia Ross (also, “The Mood Cure”) 
These are terrible titles but really good reference books.  The focus is learning to discover your own body’s chemistry imbalances and working to overcome them with personalized nutritional strategies.  There’s awesome self assessment tools in this book.

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